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The Swimming Package

With the Trinamics Swimming Package you will receive a combination coaching, physiotherapy and sport science input in order to get the best possible results. We will provide you with expert support from individuals that are experienced in working with swimmers and competing themselves.

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Group of athlete swimmers running into ocean to start race Athlete swimmer coming out of the water to finish race
Athlete swimmer swimming underwater as part of a race

Package overview


The Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical swimming analysis is the study of human movement within the swimming stroke in regards to performance and injury prevention. In sport, this is commonly performed by sport scientists and physiotherapists and has become an essential component of improving swimming efficiency and in elite performers.

As part of the Trinamics Swimming Package you will receive:

  • Biomechanical stroke analysis:

    A biomechanical stroke analysis involves slow-motion video analysis of your swimming technique performed by an experienced physiotherapist. This will highlight any strengths and weaknesses in your technique. Based on the findings of the swim analysis some minor adjustments can be made to improve your performance or prevent injury.
Group of athlete swimmers running into water to start race Group of athlete swimmers leaving water to finish race
Athlete swimmer swimming underwater during race


Human Performance Analysis

Human performance analysis is undertaken to assess your baseline fitness levels. The information on your current fitness levels is then used to create a bespoke training programme and will help set up your training intensities.

The human performance analysis will consist of:

  • Swimming T-Time:

    Assessment of your pace during a pool-base time-trial.

As part of your package we will complete two human performance analysis retests. This will allow you to monitor your improvement and ensure we are making good progress with regards to maximising your performance. Your human performance analysis retests will either be completed by our sports scientists, physiotherapists or your coach.

Group of swimmers running towards sea to begin a race


Unlimited Coach Contact

Based upon an initial consultation and the findings from your various assessments, your swimming coach will develop a bespoke training programme to help you reach your goals. Coaching will involve:

  • Initial Consultation

    Meet your coach and discuss your goals and how much and when you can train.

  • Training Programme

    Receive your own Training Peaks account with a bespoke training programme.

  • Regular coach contact

    Your coach is there to support you during your training and leading up to your event. They will make any necessary changes to your training programme on a regular basis and monitor your progress.

  • 1-1 coaching

    Receive technical coaching to improve your stroke and ultimately your performance.

Female swimmer looking outward to the sea to begin a triathlon race
Female swimmer looking outward to the sea to begin a triathlon race


Athlete development workshops

During the length of your package you will have free access to all of our athlete development workshops. These educational workshops come from different members of our team and other guest speakers. Gain the knowledge required to get the edge over the opposition.

The educational workshops focus on various topics, including:

Training Methods

Training Peaks

Injury Prevention and rehabilitation


Strength & conditioning

Equipment usage

Athlete Swimmer running out of the water to finish a race
Athlete Swimmer running out of the water to finish a race


MOT Checkup

Injuries are a big concern to any swimmer. To ensure that you stay injury-free you will receive an ‘MOT Check-Up’ every 6 months to help screen for any potential issues. Alternatively you can use this session whenever you require it if you do pick up an injury.

MOT’s are 60 minutes in duration and include:

  • Full-body physio assessment
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Home exercise programme

This physiotherapy assessment will highlight any potential injury risks and will help inform your coach if any changes to your training are required.

Group of swimmers ready to dive into the water to start the swimming race
Group of swimmers ready to dive into the water to start the swimming race

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