Biomechanical Running Analysis

Physiotherapy led gait analysis

A biomechanical running analysis is an in-depth breakdown of the way in which you run and is aimed specifically at endurance athletes. You may have specific goals that you want to achieve to enhance your running performance, we can help you do this.

The aims of the analysis are to maximise your strengths and identify any deficiencies within your technique, with a view to create a bespoke programme that will:

  • Improve strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • improve performance
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce the risk injury
Brownlee athlethe runner finishing triathlon race
Brownlee athlethe runner finishing triathlon race

What is involved in the analysis?

Our physiotherapy led biomechanical package offers a holistic biomechanical analysis of running, combining gait analysis, physiotherapy analysis and functional movement analysis.


Athlete runner practising on a road

01 Physiotherapy analysis

Our therapists will initially perform a physiotherapy examination in which a thorough review of your training and injury history will be recorded, while baseline range of movement, posture, strength and power will be assessed.


Physiotherapist recording running performance on treadmill

02 Biomechanical Running Analysis

A ‘biomechanical running’ analysis is then carried out, which involves slow-motion analysis of your running technique using a high speed digital camera. This allows our expert physiotherapists to analyse the way in which you run in a manner that cannot be achieved using the naked eye.

The technology allows your running gait to be examined at varying speeds from a multitude of different angles, with the recording compiled for later analysis.

Unlike usual gait analysis services that focus only on the foot and ankle, our expert physiotherapists will then meticulously analyse this footage in slow-motion and identify any biomechanical inefficiencies and errors within your technique, starting from head to toe.

Furthermore, your video analysis will be annotated with variables such as joint angle measurements to highlight good things about your technique and also things that can be enhanced to achieve your goals. You will be able to refer back to this footage to assist your training.

Athlete runner celebrating after completing triathlon race
Athlete runner celebrating after completing triathlon race

What we measure

We measure several different variables related to your gait to build-up a good image of your current technique. All of these variables can result in altered performance or increased pain:

Athlete Runners taking part in a marathon
Athlete Runners taking part in a marathon

Functional Movement analysis

In addition to the biomechanical running analysis, our physiotherapists will conduct a Functional Movement Analysis (FMA) examination.

This is achieved by carrying out a series of functional movements, while being carefully analysed by our physiotherapists throughout. The aim of a FMA is to:

'Our physiotherapists are experts in ensuring athletes perform pain free'

Athlete runner finish a marathon in first place
Athlete runner finish a marathon in first place

Applying the results from the Biomechanical Running Analysis

Following your analysis we will develop a specific training programme which will be based upon your specific goals and also the findings from our analysiss.

Your individually tailored programme will include:


Athlete runner ready to start marathon

01 Strength and conditioning programme

The video analysis will highlight your areas of strength and weakness. We will create an individually tailored exercise plan that will target specific muscle groups that will enhance performance and/or reduce your injury risk based on this video analysis and your goals.

If you have an injury, specific rehabilitation exercises will be incorporated to get you back to pain-free running. If your goal is performance based, we will create a programme to enhance your technique, target any areas of weakness and meet any specific goals.

The prescribed exercises will combine ‘mat-based’ and ‘dynamic’ activities depending on the regions that are being targeted and their specific function, and will be demonstrated in person by our physiotherapists.

A written plan will then be produced detailing the number of repetitions, the frequency and intensity of workouts and the necessary recovery period required between sessions.


Athlete runner foot examination by sport scientist

02 Flexibility and mobility exercises

In addition to the strength and conditioning programme, a series of flexibility exercises will be produced.

Your flexibility programme will enhance your running style by addressing any areas of reduced mobility. Exercises may involve ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ stretching, as well as other forms of soft-tissue lengthening methods such as heat therapy in order to provide the most effective results.

Your flexibility exercises will then be added to your individual plan, and techniques will be demonstrated by our physiotherapists to ensure the client is competent with each exercise.


Athlete Runner monitoring performance on treadmill

03 ‘Cueing’ strategies

As well as addressing biomechanical factors to enhance your running technique, our physiotherapists will provide you with a series of verbal ‘cues’ that will be used to improve a technical aspect of your gait pattern. This may be as simple as encouraging your to emphasise aspects of your technique that are particular strengths of yours, or it may involve slight adjustments.

Cues are simple and effective and will be provided in a manner that you understand. Implementing cues during specific parts of your gait will encourage your body to incorporate these modifications naturally, allowing improved performance and reducing risk of injury.


Running Coach providing support for athlete on running track

04 Individual running drills

Specific running drills designed to improve your technique will be added to your plan. If you have specific goals you want to achieve, or aspects of your running you would like to improve, specific drills can be provided to achieve them.

‘Drills’ are movements that are used to enhance technique e.g. ‘A’ skips to improve foot landing position and arm positioning.

Athlete runner completing marathon race
Athlete runner completing marathon race

Performance outcomes

Our service of biomechanical analysis, human performance analysis and coaching is evidence based and scientifically led, utilising the most recent approved research and applied methods. Our team of physiotherapists, sports scientists and performance coaches are not only passionate and experienced in Triathlon but also data driven in order to provide the best possible results to every athlete.

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The biomechanical running analysis provides you with all the tools to improve your strength, reduce your injury risk and improve your performances.

To find out more information and book your Biomechanical running analysis, please contact us by emailing or calling us on 0161 660 8066.

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The aims of the analysis are to maximise your strengths and identify any deficiencies within your technique, with a view to create a bespoke programme.

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