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The Tri Package

The Trinamics Tri Package is the ultimate package for triathletes seeking optimum results. You will have access to a multi-disciplinary team including triathlon coaches, physiotherapists and sport scientists to help guide you to achieve your goals.

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Package overview

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Biomechanical Analysis



Biomechanical analysis uses science to assess human movement. In sport, biomechanics are utilised by sport scientists and physiotherapists to assess how efficiently an individual moves. Importantly, by optimising an individual's movements we can not only improve performance but also reduce the risk of injury during each of the three events.

As part of the Trinamics Tri package you will receive:

  • Biomechanical running analysis:

    A 'biomechanical running' analysis is the slow-motion analysis of running technique using a high speed digital camera. Our expert physiotherapists will film your running gait, analyse it in slow-motion to identify strengths and weaknesses in your running technique and hope to maximise your running technique .
  • Biomechanical cycling analysis:

    A biomechanical cycling analysis includes a Bike-fit: You will receive analysis of your posture and current bike set-up by a physiotherapist with extensive knowledge of cycling injury and optimum riding position. Video analysis will be used to measure various dynamic joint angles to ensure that your bike is set-up for optimum power and reduced injury risk.
  • Biomechanical swimming analysis:

    A biomechanical swimming analysis involves slow-motion video analysis of your swimming technique. From this analysis you will be advised about the strengths and weaknesses in your stroke as well as adjustments that can be made to improve your efficiency or prevent injury.
  • Functional movement analysis:

    Within the above biomechanical assessments you will be undertake a functional movement analysis (FMA). This is a series of structured movements that will be analysed by a physiotherapist to assess how efficiently you move. This will also highlight any restriction in joints and muscles, or any weaknesses. The FMA will provide your physiotherapist with the information required to create a bespoke strength and conditioning programme.


Human Performance Analysis


Human Performance Analysis

As part of your package we will complete two human performance analysis retests. This will allow you to monitor your improvement and ensure we are making good progress with regards to maximising your performance. Your human performance analysis retests will either be completed by our sports scientists, physiotherapists or your coach.

As part of your human performance analysis, you will receive:

2.2 Functional threshold power (FTP)

Measurement of your power output (watts) at lactate threshold whilst cycling

2.4 Threshold heart rate (THR)

Measurement of your heart rate (bpm) at lactate threshold, both running and cycling

2.1 Lactate threshold (LT) testing

This will be completed on your bike and on the treadmill to assess your fitness levels by monitoring the rise in lactic acid levels in your blood as you exercise.

2.3 Functional threshold pace (FTP)

Measurement of your running pace (mph) at lactate threshold

2.5 Swimming T-Time

Assessment of your pace during a pool-base time-trial.

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Unlimited Coach Contact


Unlimited Coach

Your will have the choice from several triathlon coaches to guide your training. Your coach will use the important information from your biomechanics and human performance assessments in order to create a bespoke triathlete training programme to fit your specific needs.

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  • Initial Consultation

    meet your coach and set your goals

  • Training Programme

    Access to your own Training Peaks software account with a bespoke training programme that is monitored and adjusted by your coach.

  • Regular coach contact

    Draw on the experience of your coach. They are ready and available to answer any queries with any aspect of your training.

  • 1-1 coaching sessions

    One follow-up swimming technique coaching session

Triathlon Coach discussing techniques with group of triathlon athletes
Triathlon Coach discussing techniques with group of triathlon athletes


Athlete Development Workshop


development workshops

During the length of your package you will have free access to all of our athlete development workshops. Athlete development workshops are delivered by different members of our multi-disciplinary team of triathlon coaches, physiotherapists and sport scientists, each hoping to share their knowledge.

These educational workshops focus on athlete education in several areas, including:

Training Methods

Training Peaks

Injury Prevention and rehabilitation


Strength & conditioning

Equipment usage


MOT Checkup


MOT Checkup

We want to ensure that all of our athlete’s stay injury free and are competing to their full potential, therefore all athletes who are registered on our Tri Package will receive a ‘MOT Check-Up’ every 6 months.

The results of your MOT will allow your coach to address any potential injury risks and to evaluate whether any alterations to your training programme are required.

MOT’s are 60 minutes in duration and include:

  • Full-body physiotherapy assessment
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Home exercise programme

The results of your MOT will allow your coach to address any potential injury risks and to evaluate whether any alterations to your training programme are required.

Athlete racing on a cycle through a town
Athlete racing on a cycle through a town

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