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Trinamics have a specialist team of running coaches who have a wealth of experience in working with runners of all ages and abilities. Our team is ready and waiting whether you are a novice needing support through the training for your first event, or if you are pushing for gold medals and need expert coaching.

‘We support athletes of any ability or age achieve meaningful results.’

01 Initial consultation

Your coaching journey begins with an initial consultation. During this discussion you will get to know your coach and discuss you requirements. Your coach will need certain information from you so they can create a tailored training programme for you.

  • Goal Setting

    Athlete-centered goal setting is an essential part of the consultation process. You may already have clear goals, such as reduce your PB, or complete your first marathon. Alternatively may want to draw upon the experience of your coach to help you come up with you goals.

  • Tailoring training to your needs

    an integral part of the consultation will be identifying your training requirements and also your ability to train.Your coach will design a programme around your schedule.

01 Athlete runner running through a town

02 Getting the most from your training Programme

2.1 TrainingPeaks

All triathletes receiving coaching will have access to their own Training Peaks account. This online software provides the athlete and coach a hub to plan their training calendar and individual training sessions.

  • Keep track of your progress: Both you and your coach will be able to monitor your progress on easy to use web, mobile and desktop software.
  • Plan your season: Train towards specific events which can be added to your Trainingpeaks calendar.
  • Analyse: upload training and performance data from your training device.
  • Communicate with your coach: Provides a hub for you and your coach to communicate.
  • Real-time updates of your training programme: your coach can monitor your sessions and change your training sessions/intensities.
2.2 Planned training sessions

Your coach will plan a variety of different sessions on a weekly basis. If you have had human performance testing, your coach will us this data to create your individual training zones. Your training sessions will be monitored and adjusted on a weekly basis.

  • Bespoke: Your coach will plan sessions to your individual needs
  • Variety: Your coach will plan your various different cycling sessions in order to push your performance levels to the next level.
  • Monitored: Your coach is able to see whether you are completing the training sessions, and if the intensity of the sessions is appropriate.
02 Running Coach supporting athlete runner on track

03 Coaching Sessions

If you decide that you would to attend coaching sessions to help you improve further we offer several options at an additional cost.

  • 1-1 running coaching: track, hill, road, or technique sessions.
  • Group running sessions: All of our coaches run a variety of regular group running sessions.
03 Athlete runner jogging through a town

04 Giving coaches the tools to succeed

Trinamics provides athletes with access to a specialist team and service. Your coach may recommend some of the following in order to maximise your results:

  • Human performance analysis - Your coach may recommend additional sport science testing to be undertaken prior to your training in order to collect important data regarding your athletic capability. This data can be used to enhance your training sessions.
  • Strength and conditioning sessions - Your coach may recommend that you undertake a biomechanical analysis from which a strength and conditioning programme will be created by the physiotherapist undertaking you biomechanical analysis. These conditioning sessions will be integrated into your weekly training.
  • Expert team - Access to coaches, physiotherapists and sport scientists.
04 Triathlon Coach supporting young triathlete

Running Coach hosting a triathlon meeting with athletes
Running Coach hosting a triathlon meeting with athletes

Performance outcomes

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To find out more about running coaching or prices, or to book your consultation with a Trinamics coach, please contact us by emailing or calling us on 0161 660 8066.

Athlete running performance measured using special equipment
Athlete running performance measured using special equipment

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All 1-1 coaching is charged at £50 per hour session.


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Additional group coaching sessions are offered by all of our coaches and charged at their set rates.

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