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We work closely with sport agents throughout their comprehensive service so the athletes can concentrate on what they need to do most…Perform!

Sports agent speaks to their athlete.
Swimmer speaking with officials after race.
Swimmer speaking with officials after race.

We proactively assist sports agents, offering our expertise in:

These services can be completed within our in-house services or from site visits at your athlete’s training ground, providing better and more realistic assistance with groups of athletes.

From our services, we offer detailed reports of our findings which can be a valuable tool when it comes to an athlete’s performance and could be that extra input that gives your athlete the winning edge.

Sports agents are encouraged to accompany their athlete and coaches to the assessments to gain a full understanding of the analytical services we provide and how it improves their athletes.

We feel that by building good relationships with sports agents allows us to build a good relationship with the athletes and their clubs and together we can offer the best possible support to athletes.

So whether you are a Sport Agent for a triathlete or any other endurance athlete, that is interested in using our service to get your athletes to that winning performance, please contact us by emailing or calling us on 0161 660 8066

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