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Our Team is dedicated to achieving your goals through applying our premium expertise to your individual needs. Combining different fields of study and experience, our team of performance coaches, sports scientists and physiotherapists are there to educate, train and support you to your successes.

Athlete during running leg of race.


Our multi-disciplinary service provides athletes with total athletic support, to ensure that you get the very best results and achieve your goals. Find out more about how we work with athletes.

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We work with coaches who are passionate and dedicate their lives to their chosen sport or are enthusiastic about maximising other athletes performance. Find out more about how we work with coaches.

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Coach mentoring swimmer after race.
Triathlete preparing for race and putting on swimming goggles.


We work closely with triathletes, offering a wealth of professional sport science, physiotherapy and coaching support in order to achieve full athletic potential and desired goals. Find out more about how we work with triathletes.

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At Trinamics we work closely with the duathletes, analysing their sporting performance throughout their training and competitions. Find out more about how we work with duathletes.

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Swimmers running into water for swimming leg of duathlon.
Two runners setting pace during race.


We love to work with runners of all ages or levels of ability here at Trinamics by offering a range of services that can help you to cross that finish line. Find out more about how we work with runners.

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Our team possess a wealth of experience of working with cyclists of all types, including; track racing, road biking and up/downhill cycling, and we are happy to work with individuals of all levels of ability. Find out more about how we work with cyclists.

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Cyclist on road bike during race.
Swimmer taking air between strokes during race.


We enjoy working with swimmers of all ages and abilities to assist you to improve your performance and achieve your goals. Find out more about how we work with swimmers.

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Sports agents

We work closely with sport agents throughout their comprehensive service so the athletes can concentrate on what they need to do most…Perform! Find out more about how we work with sports agents.

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Sports agent speaks to their athlete.
Group of amateur runners get ready for training session.

Sports clubs

We actively promote the use of our Trinamics service within a multitude of sports institutions in order to assist with the development of athletes and sportspeople. Find out more about how we work with sports clubs.

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Under 18s

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of support and expertise to help young individuals recognise their talents and achieve their full potential by becoming the sportspeople of tomorrow. Find out more about how we work with under 18's.

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Teenagers friend helps tighten laces before run.

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For more information about who we work with please contact us by emailing office@trinamics.co.uk or calling us on 0161 660 8066

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Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to support all athletes whether they are an elite professional or someone working towards their first endurance event.

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